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I started practicing regularly in November 1996 and I’ve been teaching regularly since graduating the Bikram teacher training in June 2000. The emphasis in my classes is to get the form and alignment right, and then to go to whatever depth you feel is appropriate that day. I encourage the students to be aware of the entirety of their physical body in each posture so it becomes a holistic practice, and you can find that place of oneness while holding the posture.

From there, you can do your own yoga therapy while holding each posture, sending energy to areas of the body that need it, expanding your awareness to experience cosmic consciousness, or just visualizing the energy flowing through the channels of your body to clear the energy. All this, while challenging yourself to work to your edge in the postures using a focused, relaxed, effort! At the end of class, feel your body purified, your mind calm, and your awareness clear.

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