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I started Bikram yoga in 2008 and I knew nothing about Bikram yoga or any yoga before. It was very different challenge than working out at the gym.


Bikram yoga is not a seasonal activity for me. Bikram yoga is preventative medicine, and it helps for me to fight stress, slow down the aging process, create energy, and stay toned and lean. It has become my physical therapy and permanent part of my schedule.


I completed Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course, Advanced Vinyasa training in Bali, and Inferno Hot Pilates training. I feel compassion for every single person in each class and want to treat you with kindness and care. I just want to make your life a little bit easier. 


My Favorite Quotes are:

"You cannot give your life more days, but you can give your days more life",


"Forget the past. Remember the lesson”

"Live your life and ignore the negativity. Don't let anyone steal your happiness"

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